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    On Housing. An ongoing research to uncover these new names removing the inaccurate focus from a generational point of view into a rigorous exploration of real alternatives, presenting projects and interview teams that work in a different and optimistic way.

    On Housing 2. Our second issue of NEW EXPRESSION is available on the App Store. Following the research started on our first issue, On Housing 2 focus on the limits of domestic architecture, where we publish experiments and prototypes by artists and architects, working on subjects like Open Source, Flexible Systems, Shared Logics…

    MONOGRAPH Casa Abu Font
    This is a publication where a singular work gets maximum exposure. This series will focus on a project explained by his author as a personal conference on your Tablet. The process is explained, the project detailed and the finished work is shown as never before…



    Our Goal & Our Team

    SPARK Digital Media is a new publisher for Tablets, specialized in Architecture and Design. Our primary goal is to show authors, projects and works that are making a positive and innovative contribution to this creative work fields, trying to unlock the potential for interactivity of these new platforms to better explain the creative process. Our publications aspire to be an hybrid between the internet and the printed world, gathering the best of both. The freshness and newness of what is happening in the field of practice and theory of architecture, complemented by the critical reflexion of the printed world about a wide field of themes and projects.

    Baltazar Aroso is Architect by Universidade Lusíada in Oporto. In 2004 he start his Doctor Degree in Universidad de Valladolid, where he got his researcher title with the thesis "Reflections About The Importance of Image in Architecture". He’s currently working on his thesis with the title “Epidermic Metamorphosis in Architecture” directed by the Prof. Dr. Miguel Ángel de la Iglesia and recently finished a PosGrad in Gestão Imobiliária by EGP-University of Porto Business School. Professionally works as Project Director in Urbimagem, as Principal Architect in his office B(A)ª Balthazar Aroso arquitectos in Portugal, Italy and Angola and as founder and CEO of SPARK Digital Media.