On Housing

What is new? What is fresh? is something we constantly ask and for the first publication we decided to focus on Singular Housing as it is probably the most common program on architecture, the archetypal form that is often a cliché, the basic program and the first approach most of us have with the profession.

The first issue will focus on a primary subject, Housing, as primary program in architecture. Designing a house could be a simple task, but more often than not it becomes a complex endeavor, as an apparently basic and repetitive action – the archetypal program – is practiced over and over again in search of perfection, but the endless hours spent shaping a client’s dream to local conditions usually result in a personalized and unique design.

SPARK Digital Media and New Expression will avoid an “anesthetized” communication of ideas but will promote a new sense of “awareness” to read architecture.

We are not showing the latest —for that you have the Internet— nor the classics —you’ll find them in the books— but we jumped into a continuous working process slowly building our own guidelines upon a constant search for these new archetypes while trying to avoid all the clichés. Two concepts —also borrowed from Mcluhan’s writings— with a very thin border between them that ultimately depend on individual perception and personal interests to clarify.

This publication is an ongoing research to uncover new names removing an inaccurate focus on newness as a generational view into a rigorous exploration of real alternatives, presenting projects and teams that work in a different but optimistic way.

We present 10 projects from 9 studios that are working on Singular Housing as subject under a varied set of circumstances, from small to large, from simple to complex, from creative processes to communal construction providing a wide panorama on the subject.

Featured Projects, Texts and Architects:
Snow House, Emilio Marín
Looking for an Architecture of Open and Sensible Systems, Emilio Marín
Casa S.E.R., Nadir Bonaccorso
Casas Sustentáveis, B(A)ª Balthazar Aroso
e_Exterior house, MODOSTUDIO + AtenaStudio
Allandale House, WORJ
Casa Umbraculo, Laboratorio de Arquitectura / Javier Corvalan
Hometta House, WEATHERS
House in Heat, Frohn&Rojas Architects
WALL House, Frohn&Rojas Architects
Mountain Research, General Design

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